What does payrolling cost?

We believe in transparency – especially where our rates are considered. Our profit margin is 3%. The exact cost of our services is always a custom deal that depends on a number of factors.

Curious about how payrolling can help you?

Expense allowances passed on directly

If you reimburse certain expenses to your employees (e.g. travel costs or work expenses), we will incorporate these reimbursements into our payrolling services. If you enter these costs into our online time registration system, we will pass them on directly to you via the invoice. Simple and effective.

Pension premiums passed on directly

If your employees have worked for you for 26 weeks, they are entitled to pension accrual under the collective labour agreement. The basic pension scheme will apply for the next 104 weeks, during which your pension costs will be 2,6%. WePayPeople will pass these costs on to you directly as well.