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Being able to accurately sense developments in the marketplace and then act upon them effectively is the key to being successful in business.

Curious about how WePayPeople can help you?

The story behind WePayPeople is an excellent example. Julius Kousbroek and Gertjan van Dam sensed that the market wanted more freedom in terms of deploying staff. For a growing number of companies, greater operational flexibility was becoming a necessity. This insight led them to found WePayPeople in 2007. Their instincts proved true. Now, WePayPeople handle the payroll administration for many minor and major organizations. In addition, more than 3.000 people work through our payrolling services – a number that grows every day.

Clear communication, transparent rates

As an entrepreneur, you desire freedom. You need room to focus on your business and bring your ideas to fruition. Payrolling is one of the best and most efficient tools to achieve this. At the same time, however, payrolling also remains terra incognita for many Dutch entrepreneurs. It’s a juxtaposition that everybody at WePayPeople is well aware of. We do everything in our power to communicate the massive benefits of payrolling as clearly as possible. We want to show entrepreneurs exactly how much time and space they can create for themselves when they use our payroll services. And that emphasis on clarity extends to our rates. At WePayPeople, you’ll never run into vague fees or unpleasant surprises. Thanks to this approach and our high-quality services, our client base grows every week. That’s something we’re quite proud of.

The founders

Gertjan van Dam was senior payroll administrator for accounting firm Mazars Paardekooper Hoffman. Thanks to his experience as a team leader and NIRPA-registered payroll professional, our back office has a rock-solid foundation. Julius Kousbroek was involved in the creation of a number of businesses. His entrepreneurial spirit makes WePayPeople a decisive and exceptionally customer-oriented organization. Together, they are the ideal combination to take the company forward. And that’s something we see as clearly in practice as it appears in theory: WePayPeople continue to grow with each passing year.