Answers for new employees


What does payrolling mean for me?

Working via WePayPeople means that your employer has transferred their legal employership to us. This means that you are employed by us and that we will handle various matters for you, such as making pension payments, paying your salary and reporting illness-related leaves of absence to the UWV. This employment contract contains a temping clause for a flexible period of time and adheres to the NBBU CLA which can be downloaded on the page “Downloads”. We have no influence over the nature of the work you perform in your work environment. The details of your working situation should be handled in a separate arrangement with your employer.

Which documents must I submit for my contract?

Either WePayPeople or your employer will send you a contract. You are required to sign this contract and return it with a copy of a valid passport or other identity document enclosed. This copy will only be regarded as a complete proof of identity when your employer has signed it to confirm the fact. You may send the two documents digitally or via post to either your employer or WePayPeople, depending on the arrangements you’ve made. Only when both documents have been received in good order will we be able to process and pay the hours you have worked.

What is payroll tax credit?

Payroll tax is a withholding tax that provides a mechanism for Dutch income taxes and social insurance contributions to be withheld in advance. Applying for payroll tax credit allows you to effect a reduction of the total payroll tax. You may only apply your payroll tax credit to a single employer; if you have more than one employer, the best course of action is to determine which employer supplies the largest proportion of your income and apply the tax credit to that income.

What will happen to my pension?

By signing an employment contract with WePayPeople, you are automatically protected by the NBBU collective labour agreement for temporary employees. This means your pension will be covered by the StiPP pension fund.

If you are currently contributing to a different pension fund, you will not be able to continue those payments. We are legally obligated to contribute to the StiPP pension fund, which effectively means that even voluntary deposits to other funds are impossible.

Naturally, the pension you have already accumulated will remain yours and will be paid out to you in proportion to the number of years you have worked to date. If you want to continue to accumulate a pension, you could take out a personal pension with an insurance provider.