Business story: “I have maximum flexibility with minimum risks”

Peter de Rooij started his landscaping business in Vleuten in 2007. As a starting entrepreneur he was not immediately confronted with too many tasks, responsibilities and risks related to staff, he opted for the payroll services from WePayPeople. Many years

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Harry de Boer’s real life business story: “Never again my own staff”

“Never again I want my own staff”, says Harry de Boer. His Rotterdam plumbing company went bankrupt in 2015 due to too little work and too high labour costs. At the restart Harry immediately chose to work with employees on

WePayPeople amongst top fastest growing businesses again

For the fifth consecutive year, WePayPeople is amongst the fastest growing businesses in our country.

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Motor vehicles memorandum: changed categories for additional taxable benefit rate

As from 2019 there will be no more than two additional taxable benefit categories. On the one hand an additional taxable benefit rate of 22% will apply for all your company cars also used privately by employees. On the other hand a reduced additional taxable benefit rate of 4% (over the first €50,000 of the purchase price) will continue to apply