Is payrolling also suitable for large companies?

On November 11, 2019 by WePayPeople

The simple answer to this question is YES!. Many entrepreneurs think that payrolling is only suitable for smaller companies, but you will be surprised how many large companies use payrolling.

Payrolling has a number of fixed benefits. When you use a payroll service you pay the same wage costs for your employees every month. As an employer you pay a fixed rate per hour worked by the employee and all costs are included in this rate. In this way, you as an employer get a clear insight into what your employees cost.

In addition, we limit the deductible in case of illness, we can support you in legal conflicts and you never have to think about contacting the tax authorities regarding staff, the UWV or the health and safety service. Depending on the chosen service, the payroll company also ensures that the holidays are accurately recorded and that the holiday pay is paid out in the month May. Because all these activities are taken over, you as an employer can fully focus on the main activities within your company.

In addition to all these benefits, it is primarily the choice whether or not you as a company opt for a HR department. Many companies opt for a smaller human resources department and outsource everything related to the remuneration of their employees to a party such as WePayPeople. These employees often start on the payroll at WePayPeople, but after a period of up to 5.5 years a company takes the employee into permanent employment and then runs the payroll through WePayPeople.

Of course, the price paid for the services payrolling is not entirely unimportant. This can be very interesting for larger companies: with a larger procurement of services you get a more attractive rate.

Payrolling is therefore also very suitable for larger companies. Do you want to know what the possibilities are for your company? Then contact us immediately!
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