Back office services

for employment agencies

An employment agency’s core business is to fill as many positions with as many candidates as possible. Despite this, activities in the back office such as paying your employees and billing your clients can take up a substantial amount of your time.

Want to know more about our backoffice services?

Do these questions resonate with you?

  • Are your profit margins under pressure?
  • Are you about to purchase new software?
  • Do you find it hard to focus on your core business?
  • Does credit management take up much of your time?

By working with WePayPeople, you will have more time to focus on the commercial side of your employment agency. You’ll be able to maintain your visibility and profile at the front end of your business, while we support you by taking care of your entire back office.

The WePayPeople approach

Outsourcing your back office involves more than just paying wages to your candidates. In addition to payrolling, we also take care of the following issues:

  • Funding;
  • Billing your clients (if necessary);
  • Credit management and risk management;
  • Maintaining your digital records.

By transitioning from a payroll provider to a specialist in intermediary services, WePayPeople have developed solutions that are unique to the employment market. One example of this is the fact that we can handle your billing in its entirety, while you can log the revenue directly in your own books.

WePayPeople portal

From the outset, WePayPeople has placed great emphasis on automating the payrolling process. Once the submission of timesheets and the payment of wages were fully automated, WePayPeople began automating the entire temping process.

The fact that our entire organization uses AFAS provided the foundation for this automation drive. AFAS is ERP software that can handle any collective labour agreement. One of the major advantages of working with WePayPeople is that we have linked AFAS to the online portal that we developed in house. We constantly strive to improve our infrastructure and services, which allows us to accommodate the various wishes of the intermediaries we work for. This, in turn, means our solutions become more client-friendly with every passing day.
Our portal allows intermediaries to:

  • View pay slips and annual income statements;
  • Register new employees;
  • Digitally sign employment contracts;
  • Generate work agreements and posting confirmations;
  • Fill out timesheets;
  • Enter special wage items and leave days;

It’s even possible to let your clients approve timesheets themselves. And if you so desire, everything can be presented in your corporate style.

Want to make the switch?

If you have an existing employment agency, switching to our system is always a custom job. We are experts in this field and can handle the entire process for you.