How does payrolling work?

If you put your employees on our payroll, legal employership will be transferred to WePayPeople.

Curious about how payrolling can help you?

This means you won’t have to worry about administrative and fiscal guidelines and the accompanying risks. Simply put: you can select the ideal candidate for the job, while the legal and administrative side of the matter falls to us. This means you can focus on doing what you do best. Our payrolling services effectively allow you to reduce your risks as an employer. Is one of your employees ill, or do you temporarily not have any work for them? Thanks to WePayPeople, there won’t be any costs involved. You benefit from the flexibility of a temporary employee, without the associated higher costs. This means you’ll have the time to really focus on your business.

Our payrolling service

As an entrepreneur, you have employees – and employership involves risks. Risks that may not reveal themselves immediately. Want our advice? Put your employee on our payroll for a year, so you have enough time to evaluate their performance. If you’re still happy with your choice a year later, you can convert the temporary employment contract into a permanent contract. That’s what we like to call a smart approach to doing business.