The benefits of payrolling

As an employer, using payrolling to allocate staff gives you a greater degree of flexibility. You are no longer bound by fixed employment contracts, which effectively transforms the employees in your workforce into temporary employees. Is there not enough work to go around, or has one of your employees taken ill? In that case, you can simply stop the contract. As a result, you only pay for the hours your employees actually work. And that is often considerably cheaper than managing your payroll in-house.

Curious about how payrolling can help you?

Never worry about staffing

Having employees necessarily involves a large amount of administrative paperwork. WePayPeople take that very same paperwork off your hands. Although you will naturally retain complete control over recruitment and daily operations, we will help you to alleviate your administrative burdens as much as possible. That’s our core business: giving you the support you need to focus on yours.

Clarity in payrolling

  • No more employee-related administrative red tape
  • Less unnecessary paperwork
  • Enter information quickly and easily via our portal
  • Competitive prices
  • A well-organized payroll provider



WePayPeople are a transparent organization, especially when it comes to costs. When you work with us, you only pay for the hours that your employees actually work. Did another payroll provider make you an even better offer? Our specialists are more than happy to explain the difference and make you a new deal. Of course, the services and certification attached to the offer need to be identical.