Payroll administration at WePayPeople

provides insight and control

Wondering about the status of holiday leave? When employment contracts expire? How high your absenteeism rate is? Many companies lose sight of these issues, which means they are no longer under control. By outsourcing your payroll administration to us, you regain that control. We make sure you’re constantly up-to-date. In all administrative matters.

Curious about how our payroll administration can help you?

Payroll administration

In addition to payrolling, WePayPeople also provide payroll administration services. This can have interesting benefits for your company: not only does it help you meet your obligations towards the tax authority and provide you with a network of specialists, but it also puts a wealth of human resource information at your disposal. This is an important asset in strategic decision-making.
This has many benefits:

  • Timely handling of payroll tax returns
  • Insight into your human resources
  • Easy data entry thanks to our advanced portal
  • Competitive prices
  • Fixed rates


Tailor-made solutions

We work with tailor-made administrative software solutions developed by AFAS. As a result, our system integrates perfectly with your accounting software. This means you’ll never run into difficulties with conversions. Your employees receive their payslips and annual statements, while you receive the wage logbook, payment log and all relevant files. All you have to do is pass on the changes in salary to us. Handling your payroll administration has never been easier.