What should I do if I’m ill?

If you fall ill, you should notify both your client and WePayPeople. This should be done before 09:30 on the same day, so that we have sufficient time to notify the UWV. There are two ways to call in sick: either call WePayPeople at +31 (0) 20 716 33 84 or send an e-mail that clearly states your name and your place of employment to

How can I report that I’ve recovered?

If you return to work after an illness, you should notify both WePayPeople and your client. You will not be able to log worked hours until you’ve reported back for work. You can report your recovery by sending an e-mail to Please make sure to state your full name and place of employment clearly in the e-mail.

I haven’t received my salary yet, why is that?

OIn order to receive your wages, all relevant documents (a signed contract and a copy of your identification signed by your employer) must be in our possession. In addition, any hours you’ve worked need to be entered into the WePayPeople portal and approved by your client. If one of these conditions has not yet been met, please make sure it is taken care of. Did you fail to receive your salary despite meeting all the above requirements? If so, please contact our team via e-mail at and clearly state your name, client and the week in question. Also, please remember that it may take up to two days before your salary is deposited into your bank account, as the processing time between banks may vary.

My salary is lower than expected, why is that?

Whether or not you apply payroll tax credit to your income can have an impact on your total salary. If you want to know more about payroll tax credit, you can find the information here. Also, please check your payslip for the week in question via the WePayPeople portal. The block “HK” is the most important. This should be set to “YES” in order to apply your payroll tax credit. If the block is set to “NO”, you have not applied the tax credit to your income yet. You can activate this by sending an e-mail to that clearly states your name, your client and the date on which you would like the changes to take effect. Furthermore, please check whether the hours have been entered correctly. Any provisions for vacation time and holiday pay can also affect how much salary you receive. These funds can be paid out on request.

Which collective labour agreement is used to determine my salary?

You are subject to the NBBU CLA for temporary employees. You can find this CLA in its entirety on ourdownloads page.