Answers for new clients


What can WePayPeople do for me and my company?

When you use our payrolling services, WePayPeople become the legal employers of your employees. This means that we take over all administrative and fiscal responsibilities for you, including the risks that come with them. You select the appropriate candidate for the job – we do the rest. No more red tape, no more mountains of paperwork, just the freedom to concentrate on your core business.

Because we use a sophisticated digital environment, you can always enter your data and mutations safely, no matter where you are. This not only gives you the ability to react more quickly to changing situations, but it also helps reduce operational costs. This explains why WePayPeople can offer such competitive rates. And if you would prefer to discuss the details in person, one of our specialists will pay you a visit.

Which collective labour agreement would apply to my staff?

WePayPeople are a member of the NBBU. Your employees will be covered by the NBBU’s collective labour agreement. Under this CLA, your employees receive a sizeable reservation package of 21,7% (holiday pay, vacation days, short absences and waiting day compensation). In addition, it is possible to amend the conditions of employment laid out in the package with conditions from your own CLA, such as supplemental hours and other fees.

Do WePayPeople also source new staff?

We do not provide recruitment services. This responsibility falls wholly to you, especially since you are in the ideal position to determine who best fits your organisation and your goals. In addition, this decision on our behalf allows us to offer you better rates.

Will I retain insight into my personnel costs?

When you put your staff on the payroll at WePayPeople, you will gain a clearer insight into your personnel costs. The agreed-upon rate is an all-in price; when you pay the invoice, you also meet the cost of any reservations that may apply to your situation. When one of your employees wants to take time off or go on a holiday, we use these reservations to pay for their vacation days. The same applies for holiday pay in the month of May. In turn, you will regularly receive a clearly specified invoice for the total sum. Our approach is elegant, simple and efficient.

How much will it cost?

WePayPeople would be more than happy to make a custom price quote for you. Call us directly via +31 (0) 20 820 80 40 or send us a message via the website so our team can get in touch with you.

What risks do I run when my employee is sick?

The answer is simple: none. Your employee is on WePayPeople’s payroll. When they are sick, you do not have to pay anything. Instead, WePayPeople will pay the employee in accordance with the NBBU CLA. This means you don’t need absenteeism insurance, which further helps you keep down costs.

How should I submit employee timesheets?

Thanks to WePayPeople’s secure digital environment, submitting timesheets is exceptionally simple. Using your own login code, you can quickly and easily process your employees’ work hours.

There are two different ways to submit timesheets:
1. Your employees enter their work hours online, after which you approve them;
2. You enter their work hours yourself and subsequently approve them.

A detailed user manual can be found on our Downloads page.

Is payrolling cheaper than working with an employment agency?

Yes. Paying employees via WePayPeople is a lot like working with an employment agency. The main difference is that we don’t offer recruitment services. This means that payrolling is a lot cheaper than using a temping agency.