WePayPeople and keep debt collectors out

On May 9, 2019 by WePayPeople

WePayPeople and have joined forces and are starting an offensive against debt problems. In the context of ‘prevention is better than cure’, people who are on the WePayPeople’s payroll and where debt problems are suspected are approached proactively at an early stage. “When we get the chance to keep the debt collectors out of the door of our employees, we grasp it with both hands,” says managing director WePayPeople Julius Kousbroek: “As an employer, we not only get the seize wages documents but also the signals that something is wrong. That is why we have asked to map with us which signs could indicate debt problems. Based on this, we start a conversation with the employee and where necessary we can, preferably before the wage is seized, refer them or offer assistance. ”

In the Netherlands, 37% of households suffer from payment arrears and research shows that more than 62% of employers deal with employees with debts. The CBS also recently indicated that part-timers in particular have difficulty making ends meet. “Some signals are clear like asking for a salary advance more than once, short and often reporting sick with vague complaints and requests to be able to work more hours, these are reasons for us to see if there is more going on with the person in question, “says Kousbroek. aims to help people with debts and / or payment arrears free of charge. In cooperation with employers, offers help in an accessible manner. Preferably before debt collectors are involved and wages have been seized. Director Anne-Mieke de Peuter: “Fast help with financial problems is in everyone’s interest. Knowledge of signals that indicate financial problems is essential. WePayPeople has worked enormously within its organization to raise awareness among its employees and to increase knowledge about this issue. With this knowledge, employees with problems are in sight even faster. The proactive follow-up of WePayPeople ensures that these employees are quickly referred to Often the problems in this phase are still relatively small. This gives the employee a quicker view on a solution. This reduces the chance of loss and contributes positively to the motivation of the employee. “

Since 2018, WePayPeople has been referring employees with seized wages to Together with the employee a plan is made to tackle the debts. WePayPeople opts for an active approach towards its employees. WePayPeople annually pays the wages of more than 10,000 people and therefore has a good cross-section of society on the payroll. “We see the identification of debt issues and offering solutions to those who deal with this as a social responsibility. It has become too normal for people to fall over from their debts, and we want to change that at least within our capacity, “says Kousbroek.

WePayPeople arranges everything related to the remuneration of permanent employees and flex workers, acts as IND sponsor and can apply for residence permits for highly skilled migrants. WePayPeople has already won the FD Gazellen Award eight times and achieved fifth place in both Deloitte Technology Fast50 in 2013 and 2014. In addition, WePayPeople offers the reliability and stability that is so desirable in this market, including through NEN 4400-1 certification and affiliation with the Dutch Association of Intermediary and Temporary Employment Agencies (NBBU).