Business story: “I have maximum flexibility with minimum risks”

On November 11, 2019 by WePayPeople

Peter de Rooij started his landscaping business in Vleuten in 2007. As a starting entrepreneur he was not immediately confronted with too many tasks, responsibilities and risks related to staff, he opted for the payroll services from WePayPeople. Many years later, he still holds on to that choice. “Payroll has always been the best and easiest way for me to arrange my staff.”
“When I started my company, I wanted to be as flexible as possible. I did not know exactly what work would come to me and I did not want to end up in a situation in which I would have employed people but could not put them to work. I delved into the alternative options and quickly came up with payroll, “says De Rooij.
“I first had extensive information about what payroll is exactly, what the pros and cons are and what it would cost me. I have approached that information in a very pragmatic way; I have listed for myself the situations that could happen to me, what if this and what if that, and presented them to, among others, WePayPeople. ”

Clear story

“Their story was clear: if I just focus on my work and business and get more customers, they would arrange everything with staff. They do not look for people for me, I do that myself. They simply arrange all administration and legal conditions. That all sounded great, and it also turned out to work that way in practice, ” says De Rooij.
“From the first day I am flexible in the deployment of employees. When it is busy, I need more people and when it is quiet, less. The good news is: with payroll I only pay for the hours they work and nothing else. Is there frost and no work? Then I don’t pay hours. Is there just no or too little work? Then I have no wage costs. ”

Legal employer

“WePayPeople is the legal employer. My employees are actually employed by them. They are under contract there and I hire them when needed. WePayPeople is therefore responsible for paying salary on time, for tax and pension payments and also for leave and sickness, “says De Rooij.
“My employees fill in their hours themselves via the digital WePayPeople portal, I check that and then receive an invoice once a week with all costs. In the meantime, WePayPeople simply pays my people, because they finance the wage costs. So my cash flow remains healthy and all employees are always paid on time. When I get home, I don’t have to spend an eternity doing salary administration, I actually hardly make office hours. That is nice, because I also want to do other things, or nothing at all. And that is possible.”

Payroll services from WePayPeople

Gardeners such as De Rooij and almost all other horticultural entrepreneurs have to deal with varying staffing levels. You want to be able to have the right people when you need them, but not to be unnecessarily attached to employees. With conventional employership this is difficult to arrange, especially when you are dealing with contracts for an indefinite period.
WePayPeople’s payroll services take this care away from you. We take over the formal employment status from you, after which your staff will be made available exclusively to you. So you always have the right occupation and therefore no worries about any overcrowding. Moreover, it is also possible to outsource your HR administration. All at rates that enable you to save considerably on costs. Doing it yourself is more expensive and stressfull.

Want to know more?

We understand that you first want to read up well on the possibilities of payroll, therefore you will find extensive information about this on the website. Because in addition to payroll in horticulture, you can use payroll for many more industries.
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