Banknotes spread in a circle.

What does the NOW (Emergency Fund for Retention of Employment) entail?

The coronavirus does not only have medical consequences. The economy is affected as well. The Dutch government recently announced an extensive package of emergency measures to help companies bridge this period of uncertainty. Part of the package is the abolition

Event personnel

How to deal with the “what-ifs” of HR management at events?

To organise an event requires carefull planning. You need people for scanning tickets, coin sale, promotions and bartenders. And do not forget security staff, sound technicians, first aiders and the cleaning teams. You may even have a campsite at your


Flexible working is important in negotiations with employees

In 2019, flexibility works both ways. Employees have more influence over where they perform their office work and when they do it. A silent office revolution that blows away the nine-to-five mentality and the standard office hours out of life.