What is payroll? For you as an entrepreneur and employer

On November 11, 2019 by WePayPeople

The actual employer (you) and the payroll company (we) have a cooperation agreement. This agreement contains the agreements on payment to the payroll company for “borrowing” the employee. You will receive a monthly invoice for this.

You pay the agreed amount, after which you no longer have to settle legal matters. We in turn pay the employee. Exactly, that salary that has been agreed between you and your employee and always at a fixed time. Every month. The payroll organization is also responsible for additional allowances, such as holiday allowance. The payroll company also deals with payroll tax.

From entrepreneur without staff to employer

As soon as you decide to start building your team, or when you have selected a candidate for your company, a lot will come your way. Already with the drafting of a contract you even come across complex issues. Furthermore, you naturally have other administrative tasks that you must perform and keep up to date. Consider, for example, the salary and personnel administration, but also collective labor agreements and legislative changes that you must keep abreast of. In addition to being an entrepreneur, you will also have to become a human resources specialist. But as an entrepreneur your ambitions do not lie there. But you still want to grow your business.

With payroll you outsource all administrative and legal tasks so you can focus entirely on your company and your team. Payroll is customized to your situation. That is why at WePayPeople you always have contact with one of our payroll specialists. They can explain everything to you in detail, so that the cooperation will be perfect.


What WePayPeople takes overWhat do you do yourself
Drawing up an employment contractInterviews with candidates
Determine the correct collective labor agreement and include secondary employment conditionsSalary negotiations with candidates
Legal matters regarding termination of flexible employment contracts
Conducting performance and appraisal interviews
Payments through wages and insurances in the event of incapacity for workOther matters that apply to internal affairs, such as holidays and internal training
Publication of annual statements
Processing of collective labor agreements and legislative changes

Questions about payroll for your company?

Payroll is widely applicable and offers interesting opportunities for both large and small companies. You can also use our payroll services as a self-employed person.
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