Value to safety and health in construction and technology, WePayPeople is VCU certified

On June 17, 2019 by WePayPeople

As a payroll organization in various industries, including sectors with risky activities, such as the construction and industrial sector, we attach great importance to the health and safety of the employees working there. We are a VCU-certified temporary employment agency, you as a customer can rest assured that we meet all criteria within the VCU, or the Safety and Health Checklist for Temporary Employment Organizations.

Why we think the VCU certificate is so important

With a VCU certificate, we demonstrate that we have taken measures regarding the safety and health of our employees. By obtaining the VCU certificate, we therefore reduce certain risks that can occur, for example, during work in factories, on construction sites, workplaces and with technical installations. Especially construction and engineering work. This way we prevent “hassle”. Doesn’t that make you happy as a contractor?

“Healthy and safe working conditions fall under the basic rights of the WePayPeople employees. This saying is nice, but the VCU certificate also makes this really demonstrable.“ – Julius Kousbroek

By obtaining the VCU certificate, we not only serve the VCA and VCO certified companies. Within our organization, attention has been given during the VCU certification process to topics relating to health and safe working conditions for our temporary employees. Below you can see them in an overview:

  • Safety and health policy;
  • Professional training, experience, VG training and medical fitness;
  • Request, selection, instruction, control and evaluation;
  • Accidents with absence;
  • Occupational health care.

Payroll organization and VCU-certified employment agency

You probably think: but WePayPeople is a payroll organization, is that possible? As a payroll organization you cannot obtain the VCU certificate. But in addition to a payroll organization, we also function as an employment agency. And that part of WePayPeople holds the VCU certificate and can therefore be found in the VCU certificate register.

VCU-certified employment agency for VCA-certified companies

As a contractor with a VCA certificate, you naturally want to enter into a partnership with a party that, just like you, is committed to health and safety. Collaboration with a VCU-certified employment agency then makes the most sense. As a VCA-certified company you can also demand that the temporary employment agency is included in the VCU certificate register. It is therefore nice to know that you can find WePayPeople in this VCU register.

VCU fast service

As a backoffice customer you can use our VCU fast service. With a little effort you can get a VCU certificate with us in the name of your company and with regard to your customer. This saves you time and money. With 1 – 2 weeks you have the VCU certificate in your pocket.

In this way you can demonstrate that you pay attention and value healthy, good and safe working. Are you interested in obtaining the VCU certificate? Contact or call our Operations & Support department on 020 – 716 33 84.

Are you not a customer yet and do you want to use the VCU certificate? Then take a look at our backoffice services, because we do not only offer the VCU certificate as an additional benefit.